If the nations of the region are passing through critical stages in history, the Kurdish nation has been through critical and sensitive moments on daily basis. Centuries of military and political campaign to announce Kurdistan as a social entity has brought unique experience for our nation. But these tests and lack of experience obtained from successive defeats have deprived our nation in changing the political culture as well as change in perceptions of its historic actions. That is our people and the forces that led the liberation struggles were unable to recognize sensitive historical junctures and in this respect, despite great sacrifices of our people they have been pushed to the sidelines. Due to late realization of the situation, political and military campaigns of Kurdish nation in past was rooted in a reactionary move in overtime. That suggests falling behind in the equations and developments at the time. Seemed like struggle of someone who is desperately trying to escape death. However, in the last decades the political, communication and military campaigns among revolutionary movements has raised to a higher level among Kurdish parties as well as non Kurdish movements across all parts of Kurdistan, resulting to an opportunity for our nation to create a new political and diplomatic action to the table. The result of mutual recognition in all four parts of our nation and formation of joint concern among them has lead parties and political organizations to hear the call of their people and struggle towards the ultimate goal which is to understand individual and collective self-consciousness by each and every person, organizations and communities.

To us, holding the National Congress is a base to collectively receive the thoughts of our nation and shaping perceptions among representatives of the people. Through which we can go beyond parties’ interests and give the possibility of forming a new political identity to protect the Kurdish communities from potential threats in future. Sacrifice and heavy costs paid by our people in past hundreds of years has left a heavy responsibility upon our shoulders. We believe it is a moral and conscience obligation upon us to carry out this responsibility in a committed and thoughtful manner. As a result, holding the National Congress at this time is considered an important action to us and we will try our best in actively participating in the activity.

To achieve this, it is important that other Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhelat) parties participate in the national congress in a unified way and beyond the parties frames.


Free Life Party of Kurdistan ─ PJAK