The Apoism freedom strugglers have transformed May into the month of
heroism and martyrs on the path of truth.
The execution and martyrdom of «Farzad Kamangar, Shirin Alam Holi,
Ali Heydarian and Farhad Vakili» in May, it became a symbol of
resistance for the complete freedom of the Kurdish nation, and the
nations under oppression of Iran, and is the true beginning of the
appearance struggle for human truth. The Execution Republic of Iran
has been detested forever in history with the execution of these
strugglers. We strongly condemn this vicious regime of repression and
Meanwhile, on the eleventh anniversary of the execution, we
commemorate the memory of Farzad Kamangar and the revolution
comrades, which their struggle made those precious comrades in May
brighter than the heroic sun of the Kurdish nation struggle. The month of
May is the month of historical resistance and history creating that has
become our great people into a great pattern of struggle around the
world. This month in the history of our nation with the sacrifice of another
martyr «Haqi Qarar» in North Kurdistan, and «Zagros Britan
(Muhammad Ali)» who is the «Haqi Qarar» of East Kurdistan reached its
peak and with the sacrifices of Kamangar and his comrades proved the
legitimacy of the Kurdish nation in Iran and East Kurdistan.
The resistance of martyrs «Kamangar, Alam Holi, Heydaryan, Vakili and
Islamiyan» in the darkness prisons of the Iranian fascist regime,
transformed prison’s arena from a state of constant surrender to a field
of resistance to the last breath of freedom. At the height of their human
courage, they stood up to the most brutal tortures, which undoubtedly
strengthened the hope of freedom in the hearts of our people. Until 9th
May 2010, no resistance like the resistance of martyr Farzad and his
comrades had taken place in the prisons of fascist Iran. Their firm
struggle shook the foundations of the regime strongly and created live
the uprising of the people on the street veritably.
Even the nationwide strike in Iran and East Kurdistan in condemning the
execution of those strugglers transformed into a turning point of
inspiration in increasing the courage of the oppressed people, which we
have observed the obvious manifestation in the sequence of uprisings in
December 2017 and October 2019. The devotion of the martyrs of 9th
May, in fact, dilapidated the wall of fear and dread of the Iranian horror
system and raised the courage of all classes to start the uprising to the
level of uprising and struggle. It influenced not only the Kurdish nation,
but also all the oppressed nations of Iran and demonstrated the world
the fascist face of the Iranian system. If today the uppermost
achievements of Guerrillas has achieved and the uprising of our people
in the street uprising against the fascism are more radical, it is the effect
of the devotion procession of Farzad Kamangar and his comrades. They
have really defeated the policy of genocide against the Kurdish nation
and other oppressed nations of Iran. The duty of today’s up risers and
the democratic line that have chosen the streets is the preserved
achievements of those strugglers.
Martyr Shirin Alam Hooli like as a struggle pattern for women’s freedom,
Martyr Kamangar like as a symbol of the people’s struggling teacher,
Martyr Ali Heydarian like the vanguard and symbol of the resistance of
Guerrilla force in prison, Martyr Farhad Vakili like as a true pattern of the
people’s uprising in the streets and prisons formed a cohesive union.
Accordingly, they have created the path of truth for today’s struggles and
the future’s change of Iran and East Kurdistan by their sacrificing. This
Apoism character, which in vicissitude history has transformed the
prison from passivity into a passionate battlefield, has launched fear in
fascist states-men, because they fear that, this policy will become a
pacemaker of the struggles of the Middle East and the world. Becoming
pattern of these martyrs was while the genocide regime of Iran is in the
illusion that has completed the policy of repression. Therefore, the
execution of the Apoism strugglers is in fact revenge against the up
riser’s people in the streets and revenge against the Kurdish people,
whose only crime is to be a pioneer for the people of Iran.
With the execution of Kamangar and his comrades, in principle, the line
of dictatorship, fascism, anti-democratic policy and genocide policy is
defeated, and in its transform, the line of democratic uprising and public
struggle became more powerful. If today, all the nations of Iran have
diligently launched the “No to Execution and “Yes to Democracy” and
“No to the Regime” campaigns, it has been and is in the shadow of the
staunch struggles of Kamangar and his comrades. The struggle of
Martyr Alam Holi “No to Misogyny” is the biggest campaign in Iran, the
achievement of which we observe in the struggles of women today
As the Freedom Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), strongly condemns the
execution and genocide policies of the fascist regime in Iran, while
commemorating the memory of the protesters in the arena and the
trenches of the prison, as well as condemning all comprehensive Turkey
attack types on Haftanin, Zab and Avashin areas. We call all the Kurdish
people and other peoples of Iran to culminate their democratic struggles
by participating in all fields and arenas in the path of May, the month of
martyrs. The martyrdom of the martyrs of 9th May proved that the only
saviour of the nations of Iran and East Kurdistan could only be the
oppressed nations and peoples themselves. Their path is the path of
non-dependence and the path of relying on the pillars of uprising and
continuous struggle to the real domicile of the complete freedom.
It is incumbent on all lovers of the path to freedom, especially the
resistance fighters in the prison, who, by intensifying their invincible
struggles, keep alive the path of Martyr Farzad Kamangar and his
comrades and open the path to freedom and democracy even more.
For all lovers of the path to freedom, especially the resistance arena of
women, that with intensifying struggles of their invincible to keep alive
the path of Martyr Farzad Kamangar and his comrades and to release
the path of freedom and democracy more than ever.
The Freedom Life Party of Kurdistan