PJAK – perspective


Our perspectives to approach the new revolution of the Iranian people

Over a month has passed since the people’s revolution in Iran. People have paid a heavy price and achieved tremendous results. At this stage, we should assess the risks that threaten the future of Iranian people in the post-revolution era. More than ever, it is required for all political parties to be transparent in expressing their plans and programs for the post-uprising. Doing so can avert hurdles that could be counter-productive to the revolution, and guarantee democracy and freedom post-revolution. It will also allow the people of Iran to evaluate each parties’ views and respond to the calls accordingly.

Since the beginning of the new women-led revolution in Iran, the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) have shown its position and principles on the uprising, and aimed to remain transparent in the process. In this stage, the debates about the revolution and its obstacles have reached a critical level. We feel the need to express our opinions and suggestions in a coherent framework. In addition we present our perspectives for the Kurds and the people of Iran that can help protect and guarantee the victory in the revolution:

  1. It is necessary to maintain and protect the pioneering role of women in the revolution. In the meantime, attempt to prevent misogynistic and patriarchal events, actions and desires. Try to maintain the perspective of women’s freedom and emphasise on necessity to educate people to reach the egalitarian and libertarian in society.


  1. Avoid using nationalist and racist ideas, and urge the need to oppose any discriminatory notion. The reflection of avoidance must be in the actions and political speech of all the parties accepted by the people.


  1. Struggle towards realisation of a decentralized system with an emphasis on pluralism and regional self-management.


  1. Emphasize on the self-management of each region with the freedom to live, work, and learn in one’s language, and a clear outline of these democratic demands.


  1. Efforts to undo the destructive measures of the Islamic Republic regime in the fields of environment and ecology.


  1. Struggle for achieving equality and equal rights for all citizens irrespective of their ethnic, gender, or religious distinction. Emphasize on the concept of free and equal citizens in constitutional law. To practice democracy, educate people and establish egalitarian ethics on the way to achieve a democratic nation.


  1. Freedom of religion and beliefs. To reflect this freedom in educational field and educate society with tolerance towards all beliefs and religions.


  1. Explicit opposition to the denial of gender, ethnic and religious rights and the need to reflect the opposition in the statements and political actions of the revolutionary forces. Aim to end the past disputes and achieve “unity despite the differences” by opening the way for contemporary development suitable for the current era.


  1. The need for the convergence of revolutionary parties to form platforms for unification of all freedom-seeking factions in the fight against the theocratic regime. Effort to establish a democratic, plural, modern and self-governance system.


  1. The necessity to organize and nurture the popular uprising by forming committees and councils to manage the revolution.


  1. In regards to the Kurdish People’s Campaign affairs:


  1. Struggle to realize the freedom of all cultural-linguistic, gender, and religious identities in Kurdistan’s society.


  1. The need to firmly preserve the pioneering role of women in the Kurdish people’s struggles.


  1. Emphasizing the pioneering role of the Kurdish people in the Iranian revolution. Unification of the Kurdish forces and accepting a symbol for the convergence of all the Kurdish people’s parties for coherent participation in the new uprising.


  1. Implement direct and radical democracy with a self-management system across all the diverse social spectrum in Kurdistan. Reject any regional, dialectal, and religious hegemony.


In the context of the previous point, we (PJAK) announce our opposition to idolization of any flag or symbol. For the greater unity of the Kurdish forces, we in PJAK accept the “Flag of the Republic of Kurdistan” until the national congress held or until the common platform if formed.


Due to the critical nature of current revolution, there is demand to have a clear perspective and advancement of free and democratic debates. We consider it necessary to re-express these opinions that we believe in and try to implement them within the framework of a paradigm.


Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK)